Dr. Froilan D. Mobo, a graduate of Diploma in Social Studies Education (DSSE) under the Faculty of Education (FEd) of the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU), bags two prestigious international awards for Best Researcher and Best Academician of the Year.

Dr. Mobo is set to receive his Best Researcher Award on the “10th International Scientist Awards on Engineering, Science and Medicine” on 26-27 September 2020 organized by the VDGOOD Professional Association in Hyderabad, India. On the other hand, his Best Academician of the Year Award will be granted by the GISR foundation in Goa, India on the “2nd International Academic and Research Excellence Awards (IARE-2020)” this coming 3 October 2020.

His international exposure as a researcher and speaker in various webinars and speaking engagements abroad paved the way for his award nominations. Furthermore, his outstanding performance and experience in research and teaching, as well as several conference papers presented and published internationally were also recognized by the two organizations. 

Dr. Mobo remarked that these new achievements would lead him to another journey of further strengthening his expertise in the field of Research and Development. 

As a DSSE student

To align himself in the field of education and social sciences, Dr. Mobo decided to take the DSSE program in UPOU. He regarded his time as a DSSE student as a great learning experience that helped him acquire critical and higher-order thinking skills.

However, like any other student, Dr. Mobo faced challenges along the way, one of which is when he received a failing grade in one of his courses. Instead of giving up, he did not let this drawback deter him from pursuing further in-depth studies as an Iskolar ng Bayan. In fact, his perseverance to complete the DSSE program leveraged his career as the current Assistant Director of the Department of Research and Development in the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy, where he was also promoted five steps from his previous teaching position.

Love for Learning

Dr. Mobo’s impressive educational journey started from earning both Bachelor’s and Associate degrees in Information Technology from Network Computer and Business Colleges in Zambales, which were then followed by two Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science from Bulacan State University and President Ramon Magsaysay State University, respectively. Before studying DSSE in UPOU, he also earned a Certificate for Professional Teaching from New Era University.

On top of all these, Dr. Mobo holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration from Urdaneta City University. Currently, he is pursuing his second doctoral degree in Development Education at Central Luzon State University. His love for learning remains steadfast, as he plans to go back in UPOU to earn a Graduate Certificate in ASEAN Studies.

Apart from his responsibilities as an Assistant Director and Professor, Dr. Mobo is also presently involved as a Post Graduate Coach and Research Editor in several international journals and institutions. Despite his seemingly busy schedule, Dr. Mobo finds time to fulfill religious duties, as he is also a member of various Roman Catholic organizations.

Indeed, Dr. Mobo’s success is an inspiration to many. In his own words, he imparted a piece of advice to UPOU students and those who wish to study in UPOU, “Take the challenges in UP and struggle more to be a more proactive Iskolar ng Bayan.”

Written by: TLQuilnat