Bagarinao, Ricardo T. Dean
Faculty Secretary
Reyes, Charisse T. Faculty Secretary
Program Chair
Reyes, Charisse T. Associate in Arts
Rivera, Roja L. Bachelor of Education Studies
Cantada, Roel P. Diploma in Social Studies Education
Master of Arts in Social Studies Education
Marcial, Ana Katrina T. Diploma in Language and Literacy Education
Master of Arts in Language and Literacy Education
Raymundo, Maria Rowena D.R. Master of Distance Education
Quimbo, Maria Ana T. Doctor of Philosophy in Education
Research, Extension and Professional Staff
Vereña, Rhonna Marie R. University Researcher
Parcon, Rubielita G. University Research Associate
Administrative Staff
Mones, Lorelee R. Administrative Officer
Salon, Eden M. Administrative Assistant
Quiña, Celestino Jr. D. Administrative Aide