With the UP system-wide revision of the General Education (GE) program and UPOU’s adoption of the 30-unit GE curriculum (based on the Framework for General Education in the University of the Philippines in the 21st Century), the Associate in Arts program has been restructured and expanded to contain the new GE curriculum at its core, and to provide a strong foundation in the Arts and Humanities. These domains of knowledge develop an “appreciation of human complexity”[1] and the interconnections between fields of human endeavor; the ability “to engage with ideas critically and independently”[2] and other lifelong learning skills such as “clarity in written and spoken expression, collaboration, and creativity”;[3] and the capacity for empathy, ethical action, and responsible citizenship[4] — all of which are essential for any career, including careers in business, law, medicine, politics, science, and technology.


The program aims to:

  •  Cultivate appreciation of the Arts and Humanities as a field of study and practice;
  • Hone skills in humanistic inquiry, including critical thinking, scholarship, effective communication, collaboration, and creativity; and
  • Develop competencies in the study of the Arts and Humanities in a rapidly changing digital world.

Mode of Instruction

All courses are taught online following the principles of guided independent study and collaborative inquiry.

Admission Requirements

Refer to the admission requirements posted by OUR in this link


The new curriculum of AA program consists of 72 units of academic courses, (8) units of PE and (6) units of NSTP:

  • Required GE courses – 21 units
  • Elective GE courses- 9 units
  • Common courses – 12 units
  • Mandated course – 3 units
  • Concentration courses – 27 units
  • PE courses – (8) units
  • NSTP courses – (6) units
Required GE Courses (21 units)
KAS 1 Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas

Ang pampulitika, pang-ekonomya, panlipunan, at pangkalinangang pagsulong ng Pilipinas.

3 units (prescribed)
WIKA 1 Wika, Kultura at Lipunan

Pagsusuri sa ugnayan ng wika, kultura, at lipunan.

3 units
ETHICS 1 Ethics and Moral Reasoning in Everyday Life

The nature and development, sources and frameworks of ethics and moral reasoning and their application to various issues and contexts.

3 units
ARTS 1 Critical Perspectives in the Arts

A critical study of the experience, language, and context of art.

3 units
SCIENCE 11 Living Systems: Concepts and Dynamics

Principles, interactions, and contemporary issues concerning living systems.

3 units
STS 1 Science, Technology and Society

Analyses of the past, present and future of science and technology in society (including their nature, scope, role and function) and the social, cultural, political, economic and environmental factors affecting the development of science and technology, with emphasis on the Philippine setting.

3 units
MATH 10 Mathematics, Culture and Society

Appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics through the examination of its nature, development, utility, and relationship with culture and society.

3 units
Elective GE courses (choose 3 courses only)
SAS 1 Self and Society

Understanding the self by examining the interaction of biological, psychological, and socio-cultural dimensions and appreciating human agency and the emergence of the self in different social contexts.

3 units
COMM 10 Critical Perspectives in Communication

Theories and frameworks of communication in various contexts.

3 units
PHILARTS 1 Philippine Arts and Culture

Approaches to Philippine Arts and Culture

3 units
SOC SCI 2 Social, Economic and Political Thought

A survey of social, economic, and political thought from classical to contemporary times.

3 units
ENG 11 Literature and Society

The study of various literary genres as a dynamic interaction between the individual and social and cultural forces.

3 units
Common Courses (12 units)
COMM 2 Communication Skills 2

The development of more advanced language skills in critical thinking and effective reading and writing.

3 units
ENG 157 English for the Professions

Theory and practice of writing in the professions.

3 units
COMP ED 10 Critical Digital Literacies

Understanding, using, and producing digital content, products, and services.

3 units
COMP ED 20 Introduction to Analytics

Fundamental concepts and principles in analytics and its techniques and applications.

3 units
Mandated course (3 units)
PI 100 Philippine Institutions 100

The Life and Works of Jose Rizal and other Philippine Institutions

3 units
Concentration Courses (27 units)
ENG 12 World Literatures

The study of representative/landmark texts from the literatures of the world.

3 units
CL 50



Survey of Philippine Literature in English

Introduction to Philippine Literature in English

TextMo/TextKo: Panimulang Pag-aaral ng Panitikang Pilipino

Mga panimulang pag-aaral sa panitikan ng Pilipinas, mula sa tradisyunal na anyo hanggang sa mga teksto mula sa Kulturang Popular.

3 units
THEATRE 11 Dula at Palabas

An introductory survey to Philippine theatre from rituals to contemporary forms.

3 units
FILM 10 Sining Sine

Film as art and social practice.

3 units
ARTS 10 Understanding Dance

Introduction to the study of dance, its concepts, development, and significance.

3 units
ARTS 11 World Music Cultures

Music Culture of Selected Regions of the World

3 units
ART STUD 141 Photography as Art

The history and aesthetics of photography.

3 units
ART STUD 195 Curatorship

Study of the professional system and academic requisite involved in the planning, organizing, display and documentation of exhibitions in museums, galleries, and alternative spaces.

3 units
HUM 40 Tools and Methods in Digital Humanities

Introduction to tools and methods in digital research and projects in the humanities.

3 units
Non-Academic Courses
Physical Education courses (8 units)
PE 1 Foundations of Physical Fitness

Components, principles, and methods of physical fitness.

2 units
PE 2 Walking for Fitness

Physiological concepts, proper practice, and techniques of walking for fitness.

2 units
PE 2 Hatha Yoga

The principles and practice of hatha yoga.

2 units
PE 2 Fundamental of Chess

Basic chess concepts, strategy and tactics.

2 units
National Service Training Program (6 units)
CWTS 1 Civic Welfare Training Service 1

Citizenship and community service course 1

3 units
CWTS 2 Civic Welfare Training Service 2

Citizenship and community service course 2

3 units