Ms. Pilar Butron Limin, a graduate of Diploma in Science Teaching (DST) and currently enrolled in the Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD) offered by the Faculty of Education, University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU), has been recently awarded with an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Humanities (Honoris Causa – D. Hum.) during the 39th People’s Choice – Dangal ng Bayan Awards held on 26 January 2019 at the Great Eastern Hotel, Quezon City, Philippines.

The People’s Choice – Dangal ng Bayan Awards aims to motivate individuals and products/companies to excel in their performance and excellence thru public recognition. Given by the Gurus and the Board of Trustees of International Institute of Leaders (IIL) and the Asian Seminary of Leadership in collaboration with the University of Oklahoma (OU), U.S.A, an honorary degree (Honoris causa in Latin) award is an exceptional academic degree awarded to individuals who has outstanding contributions in their chosen field. Ms. Limin received the award in commendation of her spiritual, moral, and intellectual contribution and in honor of her exemplary discipline in emulating the ethical and moral standards of church and humanitarian leadership.

At present, Ms. Limin works as a Master Teacher II and Research Coordinator at Porac National High School, Pampanga. Upon studying at UPOU, she noted that the moral and ethical standards that she always upholds developed more as she became part of the UPOU community. “UPOU has taught me exemplary discipline through the core values it inculcated to me particularly intellectual honesty,” she added.

When asked about words of encouragement she can impart to her fellow UPOU students and to other aspiring students who wish to study at UPOU, Ms. Limin remarked, “Continue your passion – pursuit for knowledge, seeking for truth through research and shaping the minds of the youth – all of these must be done through emulating moral and ethical standards and with utmost humility.”