Here are the steps on how to join the competition:
STEP 1: Visit the official website of Shell Philippines to review the complete mechanics. (
STEP 2: Once you have completed all the requirements, click the link to register. (
STEP 3: Complete the entry form and upload the requirements.

Meanwhile, here are the steps on how to upload the requirements:
STEP 1: Compress all the requirements in a zipped file. Label the zipped file with your first name and surname followed by the title of entry. For example: Jane dela Cruz Bagong Pag Asa.
STEP 2: Upload the requirement through WeTransfer ( and send it to yourself to access the download link.
STEP 3: Go to your inbox and look for the WeTransfer email. Then, copy the download link and go back to the entry form to paste the download link.

Submission of entries is until October 11, 2020.

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