The UP Open University Faculty of Education students and alumni discussed the possible applications of distance education in their career during the 7th EDUKussion Forum held last December 8, 2018 at the UPOU MC Theater, DICT Building, Diliman Quezon City.

Ms. Cecilia Panadero, an FEd graduate of Graduate Certificate in Distance Education, talked about “Linking Distance Education with a Professional Career” during the forum. Her talk evolved around her own experiences as a student and as a professional, and how distance education helped her be more critical and inclusive as a respected consultant of both national and international private and public institutions.

Ms. Panadero started her talk with a survey to know her audience’ educational status with UP as well as their professional status. She then discussed her personal motivation to continue learning and the pains and gains she had while being a student. Listed below are her tips on thriving as a distance education learner.

  1. Begin with an end in mind
  2. Read module guides
  3. Set dedicated time
  4. Mind deliverables and deadlines
  5. Adjust to FC styles
  6. Be engaged

Ms. Panadero talks about her experiences as an undergraduate on 7th EDUKussion Forum

As a consultant, Ms. Panadero developed various learning management systems. Her distance education experience influenced her professional career in various ways. Being a distance learner made her be mindful of embedding technology in design, development and execution. It helped encourage people and institutions to explore and use other delivery modes and technology-supported learning materials. Through distance learning, Ms. Panadero enriched her work with conceptual grounding. She was also able to develop characteristics such as self-motivation and being creative and resourceful which has influenced her practice in her profession.

Ms. Panadero also emphasized the roles of teachers and educators besides teaching. She said that the knowledge she gained from pursuing her degree at the Faculty of Education helped her in developing learning modules, designing manuals, in human resource development, and in curriculum development. 

An open forum was held after Ms. Panaderos talk. The conversations focused on distance education practice including its perceived importance by formal and informal institutions, false conceptions, and its role in today’s society. DE is considered as an innovative and important part of institutional systems. Through RA 10650 or the Open Distance Learning Act, universities and other educational institutions are now striving to incorporate distance learning in their courses.

The EDUKussion forum on “Linking Distance Education with a Professional Career” was the seventh installment of the Faculty of Education EDUKussion series. It was also done as part of the first leg of the Alumni Caravan at the National Capital Region last December 8, 2018.