The digital humanities project titled: “The Pope and COVID-19: Digital Humanities on the Roman Catholic Church” of Mr. Peter D. Breboneria II, a second-year student of the Associate in Arts (AA) program, was recently awarded 2nd runner-up under the special category: Best DH Response to COVID-19 of the 2021 Digital Humanities Awards. The selection, nomination, and awarding are overseen by the Digital Humanities International Nominations Committee composed of experts from universities from all over the world.

In the creation of the website design, content, and data visualization, Peter was able to apply all of his learnings from courses he took in the social sciences, digital humanities, and arts; fields of study all AA students will become familiar with.

For Peter, this recognition is a blessing and source of inspiration for him to continue living life with purpose: “I feel blessed by God and called to be the founder of (the) International Center for Youth Development. The awards inspired me to live in integrity and holiness and achieve higher…The project is dedicated to my Professors but the award is dedicated to Mama Mary, deceased grandmother and angels who visited me during the first month of COVID-19 lockdown.”

Peter also thanked his teammates who helped promote this project for the 2021 Digital Humanities Awards via social media and public spaces.

Promotions for The Pope and COVID-19 Digital Humanities Project

Moving forward, this project will be published in mainstream newspapers in the Philippines and promoted to universities and Catholic institutions around the world. 

For more information on this project, you may refer to this link:

For further details on the 2021 Digital Humanities Awards, you may refer to this link.


Written by: Krista Marie L. Fama

Special thanks to: Peter D. Breboneria II